Our June Cupcake Collection is here!

All of our June flavours are baked daily and available to purchase in store or online. To place an order for a selection of cupcakes please call us on 07 3862 3179.

Want to order a box for delivery? Head to our Order Online page!

Red Velvet

A red buttermilk cupcake with a hint of cocoa topped with our original cream cheese icing.

Cookies & Cream

A chocolate cupcake with an Oreo baked into it’s base, topped with cookies & cream buttercream and a Mini Oreo.

Rose & Pistachio

A vanilla cupcake with smashed pistachio nuts baked on the surface, topped with a rose buttercream, pistachio nuts and edible rose petals.

White Choc Raspberry

A vanilla cupcake with raspberries baked in, topped with a white chocolate buttercream, raspberries & white choc bits.

Spiced Apple Crumble

A vanilla cinnamon cupcake with apple pieces baked throughout, filled with caramel sauce and topped with crumble mix and cream cheese frosting.

Vanilla Bean

A vanilla butter cupcake topped with our original classic vanilla bean buttercream, finished with old school sprinkles.


Choc Mint Slice

A chocolate cupcake topped with a subtle peppermint buttercream, finished with chocolate shavings and a Mint Slice Biscuit.

Triple Chocolate

A moist chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream, finished with Cadbury dairy milk chocolate flakes and chocolate ganache.

Rocky Road

A chocolate cupcake, topped with chocolate buttercream, marshmallows and raspberry lollies, drizzled in a chocolate sauce and finished with crushed nuts and coconut.

Fairy Floss Unicorn

A vanilla butter cupcake topped with pink and blue fairy floss flavoured buttercream, finished with sprinkles and edible glitter.

Tim Tam Brownie

A chocolate chip cupcake topped with a choc malt buttercream, chocolate ganache, original Tim Tam biscuit, and crumbled house made brownie.

Sea Salted Caramel Pretzel

A vanilla butter cupcake filled with our house made caramel sauce, topped with a sea salted caramel buttercream, drizzled in our caramel sauce and topped with pretzel crumb.

Upcoming July Flavours

Coming soon!

Our 6 everyday favourites that run through all months are:

Vanilla Bean, Triple Choc, Red Velvet, Tim Tam Brownie, Sea Salted Caramel Pretzel and Rocky Road.

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